The insurance industry is changing and on the edge of some exciting changes; driven by technological advances and societal changes. However, the sector has historically been viewed as traditional and resistant to change, it is after all, an industry focused on predicting, mitigating and planning for risk. 

With the recent surge of digital innovation, and a growing demand for new perspectives, insurance companies are now eagerly looking to make a splash by diving into the talent pool of young, energetic professionals, who bring with them a native understanding of modern technology and diverse views and experiences. 

So, what’s the catch? Despite the desire to infuse their teams with youth, a staggering 80% of insurers find it challenging to attract individuals under 30 (as reported by Ecclesiastical). It’s a paradox of needing skills that haven’t been developed and desire for a generation of workers who aren’t knocking on the industry’s door…just yet anyway.

But here’s the good news – I’m on a mission to shatter these trends and bridge the gap. With strategic insight and a bit of that Remy magic, we’re creating ripples that promise to become waves in the recruitment landscape.

First, let’s debunk some myths. Young minds are not just looking for any job; they’re hunting for opportunities that are as dynamic and forward-thinking as they are. They want roles that offer growth, innovation, and a chance to make a real impact. And yes, the insurance industry has these in spades – it’s just a matter of showcasing them in the right light.

Through a combination of mentorships, enticing graduate programmes, and showcasing the technological advancements in the field, we can start to illustrate the vivid picture of a career in insurance that resonates with the under-30 crowd.

And for the industry giants? It’s about more than just filling a vacancy. It’s about nurturing a workforce that will carry your company into the future. It’s about understanding that the fresh perspectives of younger employees can lead to innovative solutions and staying ahead of the curve.

Let’s talk numbers. The insurance sector is poised for exponential growth, and to keep pace, companies will have to up their recruitment game. This means not just filling seats, but cultivating an environment where young talent can thrive and shape the future of the business.

My approach is a cocktail of traditional recruitment wisdom and modern-day savvy. We’re not just talking about recruiting; we’re talking about creating a movement where young professionals see insurance as a sector where they can swim with the big fish and make waves of their own.

The insurance industry is brimming with potential for those willing to take the plunge. It’s time to refresh the talent pool with vibrant, young minds ready to join forces with the seasoned industry giants. With Burton Recruitment and myself at the helm of insurance industry recruitment, the future is looking buoyant, and the waters, irresistibly inviting.

Ready to dive in? With Burton Recruitment, it’s about making the leap from potential to actualisation. Don’t just chase the current – lead it. Partner with myself and the team here at Burton Recruitment and let’s turn the talent tide together.