We specialize in recruiting top talent for SaaS (Software as a Service) roles, ensuring your team is equipped with innovative individuals who can drive your business forward. Our expertise in SaaS recruitment stems from a deep understanding of the industry’s rapid growth and the unique blend of technical, sales, and customer service skills required in this space. We recognize the need for professionals who are not only tech-savvy but also adept at understanding customer needs and translating them into effective, scalable solutions.

With years of experience in identifying and placing skilled candidates in various SaaS positions, we are committed to helping you find the dynamic and innovative individuals who will help your SaaS offerings excel in the competitive market.


Clarinda Rayner

Clarinda is a multilingual SaaS industry recruitment specialist bringing many years of international experience to SaaS business solutions companies in the USA, UK, Europe, and beyond. She offers an all-in-one solution to global SaaS clients and candidates across a broad range of sectors.

Typical roles include:

  • Accounts Managers

  • Commercial Directors

  • Product Managers

  • Technical Leads

  • Support Engineers

  • Finance Directors

  • DevOps Engineers

  • Customer Success Executives

International Insight

Clarinda’s international experience in SaaS recruitment spans across continents, making her a valuable asset for SaaS business solutions companies seeking top-tier talent. Her proficiency extends beyond borders, offering an all-encompassing solution to global SaaS clients and candidates in a diverse array of sectors.

Bridging the Gap

As our European Partner, Clarinda extends access to local talent through a multitude of geographical and sector-specific platforms. Leveraging our own candidate network and extensive database, Clarinda provides tailored solutions for both permanent and contract offerings, ensuring that your company has a competitive edge in the European market.

Streamlined International Expansion

Clarinda collaborates seamlessly with global HR to facilitate a streamlined international expansion, from mid-level appointments through to C-suite positions. By successfully partnering with global HR, Clarinda ensures that your company receives appropriate guidance and support at every stage of the recruitment process.

Your Gateway to Exclusive Talent

Clarinda has carefully cultivated an international network of trusted talent, meaning she is able to connect you with exclusive opportunities and the best talent for your SaaS business. 

Experience & Expertise

Clarinda Rayner’s wealth of international experience in SaaS recruitment, coupled with her role as our European Partner, positions her as a standout professional in the field. With a commitment to excellence, Clarinda is dedicated to shaping the future of global SaaS teams by connecting them with top-tier talent and facilitating successful European expansions.

Why Clarinda?

  • Global SaaS Recruitment Expertise: Clarinda’s international experience and specialization make her a go-to expert for SaaS business solutions companies globally.

  • European Partner Offering: Clarinda serves as our European Partner, providing access to local talent and tailored solutions for both permanent and contract offerings.

  • Global Collaboration: Clarinda partners with global HR to facilitate streamlined international expansion, offering guidance from mid-level appointments to C-suite positions.

  • Strategic Support for European Expansion: If you are considering expanding into a new European location, contact us to discuss how Clarinda can support you on this journey.

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“Nothing is too much trouble and her endless enthusiasm is infectious”

“Having spent over 20 years recruiting I can honestly say that Remy Parkes is a pleasure to work with. Nothing is too much trouble and her endless enthusiasm is infectious. Looking forward to more great candidates coming from Remy.”



“Her passion, energy and commitment to her clients are the most important thing to her”

Not only have I worked with Remy in the capacity of finding me a great role, but I have also worked with her over the last 10 years in finding me great people to work in our business. She worked hard to understand the dynamics of our business and ensures she presents the right candidates and has over the years placed numerous people that are still with us

Her passion, energy and commitment to her clients are the most important thing to her and she works tirelessly to ensure she gets the best candidates for you.




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