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We’re dedicated to helping you find those operational heroes. The people that keep your organization running and performing at its best.


Gemma Lofthouse

Following a successful administrative career, Gemma understands the importance of a successful and efficient back-office function, and now supports companies across multiple sectors in a range of mid to senior level administrative and operational positions.

Typical roles include:

  • Executive Support

  • Office Manager

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Senior Administrator

  • Data Management

  • Marketing Manager

  • Payroll & HR Administrator

  • Customer Service Administrator

Navigating Operational Recruitment Challenges

In the dynamic landscape of operational recruitment, the only constant is change. Gemma and the Burton Recruitment team understand that agility is key. Shifting trends in corporate and administrative roles call for a steadfast approach. We’re here to help you navigate these waters with poise and precision, ensuring your recruitment strategy is as adaptive as you are.

Global Insight, Local Understanding

With a keen eye on global administrative trends and an ear to the ground locally, Gemma blends worldwide perspectives with intimate regional knowledge. This unique combination equips us to source talent that not only meets your high standards but also resonates with your company’s local culture.

Trusted Network of Connections

Relationships are at the heart of recruitment, and at Burton Recruitment, we pride ourselves on a trusted network that spans industries and sectors. Gemma has cultivated a trusted network of operational and administrative superstars. This vast web of connections is your shortcut to finding the perfect professional for your organization.

Your Gateway to Exclusive Talent

In a competitive recruitment landscape, Gemma is your gateway to tapping into the talent pool and offering you access to top-notch candidates who are ready to hit the ground running.

Why Gemma?

  • Expertise: Gemma’s nuanced understanding of operational and administrative recruitment doesn’t come from thin air. It’s the result of years of diligent focus and a commitment to staying ahead of industry shifts. She doesn’t just find you candidates; she unearths gems who can truly make a difference in your organization.

  • Confidential Conversations: Gemma knows the delicate nature of recruitment discussions. That’s why she ensures every conversation remains confidential, fostering a safe environment where needs and aspirations are discussed openly and strategies are crafted discreetly.

  • Global Reach, Local Touch: Even in a world that’s increasingly connected, local nuances matter. Gemma’s global reach never overshadows the importance of a local touch. She seamlessly integrates into your landscape, offering a tailored approach that respects the unique fabric of your company.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Recruitment is not a one-time transaction but a journey of building lasting partnerships. By working with Gemma, you are not just filling a vacancy; you are strategically positioning your company for future growth and success.

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“They take a brief and run with it, and provide quality candidates within a very short time frame”

“In a very difficult market, Gemma and Gina have managed to find us some fantastic candidates right across the UK. They take a brief and run with it, and provide quality candidates within a very short time frame. I’ve used Burton Recruitment for a range of different roles that I’ve struggled to recruit directly myself, and they have delivered on every one.”




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