We’re here to help your organization find and attract the best marketing talent. Our expertise in marketing recruitment is built on the solid foundation of understanding marketing discipline and the roles that it encompasses.

We understand the challenges that your organization faces in finding the best marketing talent, and also the additional considerations that advancements in technology present. We have actively been involved in recruiting for general and specialised marketing roles, and work alongside marketing experts to ensure we are at the forefront of industry developments and marketing innovation.


Gemma Lofthouse

Gemma Lofthouse is our experienced marketing recruitment partner, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in recruiting for both agency and in-house roles.

As one of our most experienced Burton Recruitment Partners, Gemma has successfully partnered with many businesses to enhance their marketing capability through strategic hiring and talent acquisition. It is this experience and understanding of the market which allows her to provide an exceptional standard of servic and match you with the talent that will help your organisation achieve its marketing and business objectives.

Typical roles include:

  • Marketing Executive

  • Paid Search Executive

  • SEO Executive

  • Marketing Manager

  • Content Marketing Executive

  • Graphic Designer

  • Marketing Director

  • Account Manager

  • CRM Executive

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Head of Design & Creative

  • Social Media Executive

Your Strategic Partner

Gemma is not just a recruiter; she’s your strategic ally in finding marketing talent. With extensive experience across the marketing sector, she effortlessly connects companies with top-tier mid to senior-level candidates. Whether you’re a worldwide brand or a boutique agency, Gemma’s talent for grasping the distinct needs of your business makes her stand out.

Global Insight, Local Understanding

Gemma’s reach is international. She partners with worldwide companies, offering a global outlook to your marketing talent strategy. Yet, her attention to smaller, local businesses demonstrates her commitment to community and personalized service, ensuring every client feels valued and understood.

Extensive Trusted Network

In the world of marketing recruitment, trust is key. Gemma has built an extensive network of outstanding candidates who, though not actively looking, trust her completely. These professionals talk with Gemma in confidence, considering their next career moves quietly. This approach ensures that your company connects with the best talent, even before they start looking elsewhere.

Your Gateway to Exclusive Talent

Gemma’s strength is in her deep understanding of both the job market and the individual goals and drivers of each candidate. Her approach is personal; she looks beyond just matching skills. She aims to create a deeper connection, ensuring your company finds people who genuinely share your values and vision.

Why Gemma?

  • Expertise: Specializing in marketing, Gemma brings unparalleled industry knowledge.

  • Confidential Conversations: Gemma’s network consists of professionals who trust her with their career discussions in utmost confidentiality.

  • Global Reach, Local Touch: Catering to global giants and smaller businesses alike, Gemma adapts her approach to suit your unique needs.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Elevate your talent acquisition strategy with Gemma as your dedicated partner.

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“They take a brief and run with it, and provide quality candidates within a very short time frame”

“In a very difficult market, Gemma and Gina have managed to find us some fantastic candidates right across the UK. They take a brief and run with it, and provide quality candidates within a very short time frame. I’ve used Burton Recruitment for a range of different roles that I’ve struggled to recruit directly myself, and they have delivered on every one.”




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