Our expertise in engineering roles comes from our own hands-on experience, giving us a real understanding of the technical skills and creative thinking required. We recognize the challenges you face in finding the right fit, as we’ve been connecting companies with talented engineers for years. Let us help you ease the recruitment process and bring on board engineers who will propel your business forward.


Matt Canning

Embark on a journey of engineering excellence with Matt Canning, a highly qualified professional armed with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Matt brings a wealth of experience in recruiting for diverse engineering sectors across the USA and Europe, with a specialization in design, development, manufacture, and testing.

Typical roles include:

  • Head of Technical

  • Mid – Senior Engineer

  • Research & Development

  • Product Management

  • Procurement

  • Analysts

Specializing in Mid to Senior Hires

Matt’s academic prowess, highlighted by his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, sets the foundation for his exceptional understanding of the engineering landscape. His extensive experience in recruiting spans various engineering sectors across Europe, where he has excelled in identifying and securing top talent.

Pan-European Focus

Matt’s expertise extends across the European engineering spectrum, with a strong focus on crucial elements such as design, development, manufacture, and testing. His proficiency in navigating diverse engineering sectors ensures that he comprehensively addresses the unique recruitment needs of clients across the continent and beyond.

Technical Acumen

With a strong background in engineering, Matt possesses a deep understanding of technical requirements, enabling him to pinpoint the skills and expertise required for success in engineering roles. His keen eye for identifying top talent ensures that your company gains access to candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Bridging Global Connections

In his role as our European Partner, Matt extends access to local talent through a multitude of geographical and sector-specific platforms. Leveraging our own candidate network and extensive database, Matt provides tailored solutions for both permanent and contract offerings, ensuring that your company has a competitive edge in the European market.

Why Matt?

  • Engineering Excellence: Matt’s Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering showcases his academic brilliance and sets the standard for engineering expertise.

  • Pan-European Recruitment: Matt specializes in recruiting across Europe, with a focus on design, development, manufacture, and testing in various engineering sectors.

  • Technical Insight: Matt’s strong background in engineering provides a unique perspective, allowing him to understand and fulfil the technical requirements of diverse roles.

  • Top Talent Identification: Matt has developed a keen eye for identifying top engineering talent, ensuring that your company is connected with candidates who bring exceptional value.

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A better recruitment experience.

“The candidates immediately made a positive impact”

“Gemma worked with us in partnership and took time to understand our company and business as a whole to help us identify where and how we needed to strengthen our team.

Gemma managed the entire selection and recruitment operation making the whole process as seamless and uncomplicated as possible.

Her insight proved invaluable and allowed the Senior Management Team to focus their time on growing the business rather than recruitment.

The candidates Gemma carefully selected for us to recruit immediately made a positive impact within the business and also in the company’s external successes and continue to strengthen and develop our team.”




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