Artificial Intelligence

At Burton Recruitment, we understand the pivotal role that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in driving innovation across multiple industries. As the demand for skilled AI developers continues to grow, we dedicate ourselves to connecting visionary companies with the finest AI talent.


Matt Canning

Introducing Matthew Canning, our distinguished AI Recruitment Partner, dedicated to bridging the gap between ground-breaking AI initiatives and leading talent in the field.

An adept recruiter in the dynamic realm of Artificial Intelligence, Matthew has forged strong partnerships with pioneering tech enterprises internationally, filling an array of positions from innovative start-ups to established industry giants. With a profound grasp on the intricacies and rapid advancements in AI, he offers unparalleled expertise and leverages his vast network to align visionary AI developers with organisations that are at the forefront of technological evolution.

Understanding the unique challenges associated with recruiting in this fast-paced sector, Matthew consistently delivers a premier standard of service. His approach is tailored to meet the evolving demands of the AI industry, ensuring that candidates are not only technical experts but also cultural fits capable of driving their prospective companies to new heights.

Typical roles include:

  • Machine Learning Engineers

  • Data Scientists

  • AI Research Scientists

  • Robotics Engineers

  • AI Product Managers
  • Robotic Process Automation Developers

  • Computer Vision Engineers

  • NLP Scientists

Your Strategic Partner

Matt is not merely a recruiter; he is your strategic partner in the world of artificial intelligence talent acquisition. With a vast reservoir of experience that encompasses the entire spectrum of AI disciplines, he seamlessly bridges the gap between innovative companies and exceptional mid to senior-level AI talent. Whether you’re an established tech titan or an emergent start-up poised for disruption, Matt’s acute perception of the subtleties and specific demands of your operation distinguishes him. His commitment to grasping the distinctive culture and objectives of your business is unparalleled, ensuring a meticulously curated match of talent that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Global Insight, Local Understanding

Matt’s influence extends beyond geographical boundaries. He collaborates with global tech leaders, infusing an international dimension into your talent acquisition strategies. Simultaneously, his dedication to agile start-ups reflects his commitment to fostering innovation and providing a personalised touch. Matt’s nuanced approach ensures that whether your company commands a worldwide presence or operates on a boutique scale, it benefits from a talent acquisition service that is both globally informed and intimately bespoke.

Unlocking the Unseen: Matt’s Trusted Connections

In the fast-evolving realm of AI recruitment, trust is the cornerstone. Matt has nurtured an elite network of premier AI professionals who may not be actively on the market but trust in his expertise implicitly. These experts engage in confidential dialogues with Matt, considering their career trajectories discretely. His distinctive methodology ensures that your organization is positioned to connect with the industry’s most esteemed talent – often before they’ve even indicated their availability. This proactive approach grants your company a competitive edge in securing the innovators who will propel your AI ambitions forward.

Your Gateway to Exclusive Talent

Matt’s forte lies in his deep comprehension not only of the AI job market but also of the ambitions and driving forces behind each candidate. His personalised approach transcends mere skill matching; he connects on a profound level, harmonizing your company with professionals who resonate with your ethos and aspirations.

Why Matthew?

  • Expertise: Specializing in artificial intelligence, Matt brings unparalleled industry knowledge.

  • Confidential Conversations: Matt’s network is composed of AI professionals who entrust him with their career aspirations in the strictest confidence.

  • Global Reach, Local Touch: Equally adept at serving international powerhouses and budding startups, Matt tailors his approach to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a recruitment strategy that feels both globally informed and intimately personalised.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Enhance your talent acquisition approach with Matt as your committed ally, bringing strategic depth to your recruitment efforts.

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“Nothing is too much trouble and her endless enthusiasm is infectious”

“Having spent over 20 years recruiting I can honestly say that Remy Parkes is a pleasure to work with. Nothing is too much trouble and her endless enthusiasm is infectious. Looking forward to more great candidates coming from Remy.”



“Her passion, energy and commitment to her clients are the most important thing to her”

Not only have I worked with Remy in the capacity of finding me a great role, but I have also worked with her over the last 10 years in finding me great people to work in our business. She worked hard to understand the dynamics of our business and ensures she presents the right candidates and has over the years placed numerous people that are still with us

Her passion, energy and commitment to her clients are the most important thing to her and she works tirelessly to ensure she gets the best candidates for you.




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