For months now, the press has been awash with stories of doom and gloom, saying our infrastructure will be brought to its knees, the health of the nation is in peril and the economy faces certain death.

But as 2020 marches on, what’s the reality? Whilst there have of course been victims of the coronavirus crisis – the travel industry being one of the hardest hit – there have been some victors too. Various government initiatives such as the Job Retention Scheme, allowed those unable to work, the ability to live. Online shopping saw a serious boom, as people were stuck indoors with nothing but time on their hands. Supermarkets have seen profits go through the roof thanks to us all having to eat at home for months on end (not to mention baking everything we can think of to occupy our time!). In areas of the country, the housing market has seen sales growth of 44% year on year which will be thanks, in part, to the removal of stamp duty for certain price brackets of houses. Companies selling items for home/garden improvements, online fitness companies and anything tech-related have also seen positive growth. Since the reopening of hospitality establishments and the launch of ‘eat out to help out’ you can’t get a table in the week for love nor money!

All this positivity has seen the stock market recover far quicker than anticipated. Yes, we are officially in a recession but as long as you don’t dwell on the negativity this word purports, there is most definitely light at the end of the Covid tunnel.

So what does this mean for the jobs market? Well, there will be areas which are proving slower to recover (see ‘travel’ above) but for the most part, it is buoyant.

Whilst there might be issues with some niches, if you’re a candidate then it is important remain flexible in the type of industry you will consider. Don’t forget, many skills are transferable, which we can coach you in. If you’re an employer, keep an open mind about your ‘must-have’ experience. There are thousands of hardworking and willing individuals out there who you might not have considered previously. If you value attitude as highly as experience, you’re likely to employ someone who can really make a difference in your company.

Our advice for both candidates and recruiters alike is to be open-minded and flexible and a world of opportunity awaits.